What is the Project Report section?

The Project Report section is a depository of all the submitted projects. You can filter it manually by date and by estimator name, and it will automatically show the results. You also have the option to export the records for your reference.

What is the Margin Variant section?

The Margin Variant section is a repository report of all commission earned per project along with other details such as Order number, Sales order, and Margin of profit.

What is the Sales Report section?

The Sales Report section is a place where you can check the overall sales under your name. You can narrow down your search by Sales by the customer, Top 10 accounts, New sales generated, and Repetitive Sales Generated. To do this, simply click on the Sales report date range and select the “get report” section.

What is the Invoice section?

The Invoice section is a place where you can find all the invoices generated and filter them down by account name, distributor and date range. This allows you to easily locate and view specific invoices.

What is the Commission Report section?

The Commission Report section is a place where you can view all the commission earned. You can also filter the results by distributor or account manager and by a specific time range, making it easy for you to track and monitor your earnings.