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Articles to get you up and running, quick and easy.

What types of print products can I find on this page?

All print products will be available on this page for you to choose from.

How can I filter the products to find the one I want?

You can use the Filter located in the corner to narrow down your search based on specific specifications.

How can I generate a quote for a customer?

Click on “Generate a quote,” and you can share it with your customer by clicking on “SEND TO CUSTOMER” or “DOWNLOAD” the quote.

How do I get pricing for a product?

Select the category/type of item you want and fill in all the fields. Then, click on the “GET PRICE” button.

Is there a way to preview the pricing before making a final decision?

Yes, it’s recommended to click on “PREVIEW” to review the price, markup details, customer’s account, and any notes to the customer before making a final decision.