March 8, 2023

Optahub Release Notes March 3, 2023


1. Dashboard –

New hyperlinks across dashboard buttons

2. Promo Search –

remember products user has selected during search (even if they navigate back and forth between search and product details page) and allow bulk add to presentation or estimation. User selections will also be remembered for any products checked beyond page one for a particular search.

3. Ability to delete unapproved / garbage accounts for accounting and admin roles

Before, there would be some accounts created (as examples, or by mistake) and that would never get approved. There exists no ability to delete unneeded accounts. Also, if an account is not approved, there is an auto email notification that goes out perpetually until the account is approved

Now, we’ve added a delete button for accounting and admin roles. Only non-approved accounts can be deleted. Once an account is deleted, accounting@optamark is notified

Bug Fixes

1. Commission Report –

Data not loading for longer date ranges

2. Commission Report –

Fixing calculations

a) Canceled orders are no longer included in any order counts or commission calculations
b) “# Approx Due Commission” is now calculated as “# Net Due” + “# Orders of Received Payment – By The End Date
c) “# Orders of Received Payment” – now includes in progress orders only where payment due = 0 for a more accurate calculation

3. Commission Report –

Add “Company Name” Column in details table

4. Shipping Invoice / Marked as Shipped

Before, when a Shipped order was modified to include a shipping invoice, the status would automatically switch to “In Progress”. When a user tried to change this status back to Shipped, they were asked to provide more details / got a pop up they should not have. The status could never be changed back to Shipped.

In this case, the status should never change from Shipped in the first place when a shipping invoice is added. This is now the case

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