April 24, 2023

Optahub Release Notes April 24th, 2023


1. Email Notifications –

When any SOs or Projects are deleted, we are now sending 2 new emails to the relevant parties/users so there is some level of proactive tracking/paper trail.

2. Sample Request Form –

To introduce more efficiencies for distributors, we’ve now introduced a button (form) to directly request a welcome kit/sample for a prospective client. This should alleviate the need for emails/chats and will keep this task more organized and accountable.

3. Enhance Estimate Assigned email with “Additional Instructions” field from Projects

There was a pattern that upon assigning estimates, most of the information required for estimators would be put in the “Additional Instructions” form field within a project. This information was never included in the actual estimated assigned email. We’ve since enhanced this so the email is more helpful for those receiving it to understand the task at hand.

4. Add a new Distributorship / tenant – iSourceProfit

As we focus on growth and onboarding more distributors, some want to come on with their own brand and identity. To do this, we have a way to spin up a new “tenant” for them based on some baseline template. For this go, we introduced a new tenant for iSource Profit.

5. Update presentation pdf file names to remove the word “quote”

Our customers sometimes were confused if the presentation they were receiving was also a quote given the file name had the words quote in it. To alleviate this confusion, we updated the file name to remove this. A bigger learning is that there is a lot of room for improvement to streamline the presentation process for more signal versus noise and allow customers to make decisions quicker (product selection, etc.) so they can move onto quotes/ordering.

Bug Fixes

1. Margin % calculation –

before, Margin for an order was calculated as (Gross Profit / Order Cost) x 100. We’ve now corrected it to be (Gross Profit / Order VALUE) x 100

2. Distributor company / account list visibility based on Distributor tenant

Now, only accounts directly tied to a particular distributor will be exposed for that user when setting up or viewing companies or accounts even if multiple distributors belong to the same distributorship. Prior, distributors could see across the distributorship but this has since been corrected from a privacy perspective

3. Estimate assigned email stopped working / was not being delivered to the right parties

When AMs would assign projects to be estimated, upon clicking save and making the assignment, an email that previously used to fire stopped working. This delayed the proactive notification that Estimating team has a new task at hand

4. 4OVER / Print Search tab is not working

The Print Search tab randomly started to not work sometime within the last month. It turns out that this code is located on a completely different server which reached a memory capacity issue and subsequently stopped working. It was interesting learning that the 4over code is not in our core code base. As a fix, we are investigating how to get this code under our infrastructure so we can prevent issues like this in the future

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